"Moderation is a fatal thing. Enough is a bad as meal. More than enough is as good as a feast." Oscar Wilde 



The real estate of Copenhagen is hidden in the atmosphere of the city.

The footprint of the psdestrian or every daily activities shows its humble and their own Scandinavia style.

I love to stroll in the street without purpose when I in a unfamiliar cities, paying attention to the 

details of the movement of the flow of culture.

The movement include the way that the citizen lives, the stlye of the architecture, and how did the government

maintain or rebuilt some historical district. But the most interesting thing that always grabs my eye (throat) away

is cuisine. The style and culture of every different countries can lead to various types of cuisine.

The best way to experience the new city is to hide yourself in a local bar or bistro. Ramdonly orders a 

food intuitively, or tries to get drunk.


I toured Copenhagen through biking within the short 72 hrs layover. The essential district of the city is quite small..

compared with other EU capitals. There're 50 persentage of commuter using bike as their method to cross the day even

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